3 Décor Mistakes You Might Be Making


We all love to decorate our home in a way that it reflects our personalities. Most often though, we break a few cardinal décor rules and end up with something not so amazing.

To help you make interior designing your home a more fun process, we have listed below common décor mistakes you must stay away from.

1. Too many colours in one single space

Going with the saying ‘The more the merrier’ is not always a good idea, especially when it comes to décor. Colours undoubtedly add to the energy and vibrancy of the room, but using too many colours at once definitely disturbs the balance and calmness of the space. It also makes your room look smaller and distracting.

So, using few colours to maintain the balance between all the necessary elements is always a wise thing to do.

2. Too many lights is not right

As we all know, lighting plays a vital role in interior décor. It can either make or break the entire charm of your interior style. The right amount of lighting can create a perfect ambiance of your every mood, but going overboard with lighting is extremely discomforting and can also be harsh on the eyes too.

So, we suggest you install the right number of lights required for the respective space.

3. Cluttering décor with too many accessories

We all have had that moment, when we saw an amazing décor accessory and thought ‘Wow! This is perfect for my décor shelf’. We happily bought it, brought it home and creating some space, we placed it on the shelf. A while later we realise that with a number of such moments and buying such ‘perfect accessories’ the décor shelf has become a cluttered shelf and none of the accessories are looking as beautiful as they looked in the store.

Now that you know what not to do while designing your home, it’s time for you to design your home like a pro.

If you have a feedback for us or some tips to share, we would love to hear from you.