Make Peace with 2016’s Top Interior Trends


Today, when life is all about riding in the fast lane and surpassing every expectation, everyone seems to be stressed out. After a long and tiring day, its home where one seeks calmness and rest in order to get rejuvenated and go back to chase their dreams again.  

If all that we spoke of above echoes your sentiments, we’ve listed 5 easy décor ideas for you to design a home that reflects serenity, simplicity and style,  

1. Go Minimalist – Because less is more. 

Uncluttering your rooms means making more room for yourself to unwind mentally and physically. Being an absolute form of visual distraction, clutter reduces the calmness of your home. Build storage for newspapers, magazines and your everyday necessities that lays hanging around your room to ensure uncluttering.

2. Keep it Light – Because lighter you go, the brighter you room looks. 

One simply cannot imagine the importance of colours. They don’t just impact the home décor, but influence your thoughts, behavior and life. Choosing the lighter shades of Blue, Purple, Pink, Cream, Gray or Green, gives you calm, relaxing and soothing environment. 

3. Redefine your Bathroom – Because that’s where great ideas are born.

Gone are the days when bathrooms were mere a basic necessity. Now, they signify a place to rejuvenate yourself. The right combination of colour, lighting, aromatic candles and essential oils can create a perfect ambiance to get yourself drenched in pure calmness and drain off all your stress.

4. Stay Connected With Nature – Because there is nothing more beautiful than nature.

From purifying the air for better health to creating a calm ambiance for mental peace, there is no doubt about the value that natural elements add to your home. Having plants like Aloe Vera, Bamboo Palm, Basil and Tulsi or even a Small Water Fountain is extremely beneficial and also easy to maintain.

5. Switch To Smart Living – Because all great things start with a smart move.


You are at peace only when things are under your control. And today’s home automation and security systems like Wipro Z-Nxt, give you the freedom to control almost everything at your home with just a click on your phone. So, no matter where you are, you can ensure the safety of your home and family, thus experience absolute serenity. 

Here’s hoping that these décor trends help you take your home interiors to the next level and please do let us know about your favourite trend and also share your décor ideas with us.