Platia Switches

The super slim and flat switch Platia is designed to be the perfect style accessory for your elegant interiors.

Available color options

Product Features

    Sporting a super slim profile of just 7.2 mm, Platia Switches are designed to complement your interiors with it's style.

    The Full Flat design with four-part assembly gives you a feather-touch feeling, every time you turn on the switch.

    Built to withstand up to 1,00,000 on/off cycles.

    Impact resistant material and fade-proof finish helps the switch to retain its beauty over a longer period.

1 platia
  • Colour Indicator
  • Neon Indicator
  • Radium Indicator

1Visiglo-Radium make the switches visible at night and indicators that glow when the switch is in use.

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Exclusively designed for Modern Bedrooms

    • 360 fan regulator 
    • 5 pin socket
    • Co-Axial TV Socket
    • Telephone socket
    • Dimmer

Elegantly crafted for Elite Living Rooms

    • Slim & Flat profile of just 7.2 mm
    • Various Colour Options

Thoughtfully designed for stylish Hotel Suites

    • DND Indicators
    • CMR Indicators
    • Combi DND & CMR Bell Push
    • Curtain Controllers
    • Smart Card Key Tag Switches