Frequently asked questions

Everything you want to know about Wipro North-West Products, you can find details about
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All ranges of Wipro Northwest metal boxes are made from 120 GSM galvanized steel. We offer boxes from 0.8mm to 1.2mm thickness manufactured in compliance to IS 14772 standards.
While all our switches are manufactured for long life, our Convex range of switches offer screw mounting with metal brackets on the plate for ultra-long life and durability, with loyal customers swearing by Convex for their commercial requirement.
All our switches range have anti-bacterial protection in key touch points. The properties are infused into the polymer we use in our products.
Yes, we do. Our Artisa range of switches come with premium and exquisite materials such as Glass, Wood and Metal.
All our switches range come with relevant ISI standards for switches, sockets and fan regulators and RoHS certificates.
Double door variants of Avancee distribution boards are tested for both IP43 ingress protection and IK09 mechanical impact test and certified from CPRI. Our distribution boards are manufactured as per IEC 61439-3 standards.
Wipro Northwest is a nationally present brand with branches in 21 locations. All our products are proudly made in India with strict quality control for at most customer satisfaction. You can always write to us at
Wipro Fianza MCBs are manufactured as per IEC-60898-1 standards, according to which, the MCB can work at upto 13% higher that rated current. Beyond this, the MCB will trip to safeguard the appliances/devices from overcurrent.
Wipro Northwest Artisa range of switches is our unique offering where we have both complete flat switches and regular switches compatible in the same plate. We offer eclectic combination of flat and regular switches with 10 different plate design to satiate your desire.
Wipro Northwest range of modular MCBs – Fianza and Convex Tinytrips offer a greater protection compared to switches of similar rating due to its capability to offer over current and short circuit protection. Wipro Northwest Tinytrips have class leading 4.5kA breaking capacity to ensure your appliances are always protected.