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Wipro's long-standing legacy has been looking out for the customer's satisfaction with its finest products & services. Wipro North-West Switches make sure you lighten up your lives, along with your interiors. With such an innovative range of switches, even the little act of flipping a switch brings you immense joy. 'There is no one giant step that does it. It's a lot of little steps.' And with pride, we present to you Wipro North-West, a trusted brand that reflects quality, reliability, and credibility.

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Elegance Redefined

Wipro North-West brings out innovation in its switches with elegant designs suited for different settings.
Select the perfect switch for your homes from our Experience Zone.


Give your bedroom an elegant touch with our alluring yet straightforward designs of switches.

living room

Add an undeniable charm to your living room and turn it into a party zone with Wipro North-West.


Your kitchen wouldn't look anything shy of a 5 Star with our stylish and safe switches.


Simple and safe; equip your bathrooms with the ultimate electric accessories with extra value for yourself.


Ideas & Inspiration

Explore our décor guide and decide on the best dress up for your interiors!

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What our customers love about us

Witness for yourself the glowing reviews and testimonials from our customers, on how Wipro North-West collection has brought out the best in their interiors.

Great Product, Good Value for Money – The quality of the switch was great, and it is pretty durable. It's an absolute steal considering the cost.


Nice Quality, Great fitting – The design of the switch is lovely; it also fits perfectly.

Anil Gaur

Just Buy It – Switches are simple, sleek, and solid. It looks good and is very durable.


Great Choice - We used these switches in our home in Gurugram, and they added to the atmosphere. Now we look forward to the same for our farmhouse.

Anuj Kuma

Top-Notch Service – Great switches look great in our home, and delivery was efficient, along with the installation.

Anik Taneja

Saviour for Gadgets – These switches saved my expensive appliances during a transformer burst and saved me a lot of cost and damage.

Vijay Kumar

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