Why do you need to try Venia Switches for your home?

Posted on February 2023, By Wipro

In today’s era of flashiness, simple things do give us a sense of serenity and calm. One such package of simplicity is our range of Venia switches.

Switches are an essential part of every home. However, often, this part is overlooked and not paid attention to. While all switches almost look the same from the outside, there is a lot to differentiate. There are vital differences in materials used for the body and the metal contacts that ultimately influence performance and durability of the switch.

One such offering from the house of Wipro North-West that strikes the perfect balance of performance and practicality are Venia switches. Venia offers an expansive range of products to cater to different kinds of homes.

What makes Venia switches stand out from the rest?

Venia is one of our most passionate creations that aims to deliver enhanced value. With USPs of sleek design, premium finish, and affordability, the Venia range of switches has analyzed all the common user requirements and translated them as distinctive features. Some of the most prominent ones of these features are:

  • Venia switches are made using high-quality virgin fire retardant polycarbonate that ensures switches have a long life and are safe to operate.
  • Venia switches feature vertical shutters to ensure pen less operations.
  • Venia switches also come with Neon indicators so that you don’t have to spend your time finding switches in the dark.
  • Venia switches feature an aesthetic curved plate design that helps give your walls a minimal and contemporary look.
  • Venia switches get shrouded terminals that enhance safety and ensure that your life may be full of surprises and not shocks.
  • Venia switches come with an in-built spark shield fixed contact to ensure better protection against sparks and fire.


Switches are no longer just circuit breakers or makers. Today, switches offer features such as noise-free and easy-to-operate, which enhances the user experience altogether.

Our range of Venia switches are made to stand out from the rest without burning a hole in your pocket. Available in the form of switches, sockets, fan regulators, and communication modules, these chic switches are quite literally the testament to the saying “not all good things need to be expensive”.

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