Motor Starter Switches – Their Application & Relevance

Posted on March 2023, By Wipro

Modern households have multiple appliances to provide the creature comforts one expects for a good life. Typically, these include Air conditioners for the summers, geysers and room heaters for the winters, and other appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, water pump motors and refrigerators for convenience.

The list of appliances above is worth mentioning mainly because of their importance in terms of usage and the nature of these units in terms of their power consumption. Most of these devices have heating/heat exchange elements, motors, and complex electronics.

It, therefore, becomes imperative that accessories like power switches provide adequate point protection for these devices to ensure nil risk of catastrophic damage and elongate the service life of these products.

A motor starter (e.g., AC starter switch) is one such wiring device with built-in overcurrent protection to ensure the device is running within its tolerable service band (in terms of power consumption) while providing a safe method of connecting and disconnecting the device to power.

Benefits of Motor Starters from Wipro North-West

Advantages of Wipro North-West motor-starter over standard switches:

  • Heavier contacts ensure zero sparking during on-off operation: The current draw during the operation of these devices is high enough to cause sparking within switches. Suppose the switches are of lower quality. In that case, this will end up causing contact welds which would be catastrophic for household wiring. Wipro North-West motor starters have 50% larger contact pads to ensure long-lasting operation. The contacts are also completely covered for absolutely zero chance of sparking.
  • Inbuild Overcurrent protection: Wipro North-West motor starters come with built-in overcurrent protection, which ensures that the device is cut off automatically in the event of abnormal current drawn by the appliance. Such abnormal current draws are observed when the device is overloaded beyond its capacity – something as simple as adding more clothes than the prescribed weight of the washing machine, too as serious as silt clogging water pumps (in which case, without adequate protection, the motor windings burn out).
  • Modular and compact: Compared to the alternative option of point protection for power switches, which is an MCB, Wipro North-West motor starters can be mounted into the switch plates, making them discrete. Compared to the bulky metal plug and socket solution with MCBs, Wipro North-West motor starters provide a convenient yet aesthetically pleasing alternative to provide your device with the protection it needs.


Considering the cost of appliances nowadays, investing in adequate protection from Wipro North-West will not only safeguard your family against electrical mishaps but also lengthen the lifespan of these appliances.

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