Artisa and Artisa Flat Switches – Simple & Elegant

Posted on February 2023, By Wipro

It is seldom that you see aesthetics and utility in a blend as fine as our range of Artisa and Artisa Flat switches. Made to amplify up the surroundings of any room, Artisa and Artisa flat switches come loaded up to the brim with features and highlights.

What makes Artisa Switches the best choice?

Made with UV stabilized materials for a longer life and protection against de-colorization, Artisa switches are the epitome of high-quality switches. Artisa and Artisa Flat switches are available in numerous shades and finishes, with each one of them specially curated to bring along a luxury factor to any room. Glass, Metal, Wood, or Color, whatever tickles your fancy, we have a switch for you. While there are several options available in the market that offer such finishes, we at Wipro North-West believe in the supremacy of perfection. Hence, our switches get their exclusive finishes by actual materials instead of just texture or paint.

Tempered glass is used for Artisa Glass plates for scratch resistance and clear visibility, while natural wood slices are used to create the wooden plates to lend your room a fresh tropical feel. However, even if the genuine glass and wood don’t tickle your fancy, Artisa plates are also available with precision CNC milled brushed aluminum plates with unique antique patina to give your walls a regal look.

Furthermore, the Artisa Flat range is characterized by unique flat switches that elevate the aesthetics of the plate and enable it to merge with the wall seamlessly, without casting any shadows.

What makes Artisa switches safe

Moving on from the aesthetic value of Artisa and Artisa Flat switches, our switches are not just form without any function. We are aware of the importance of switches and how their seamless functioning is a quintessential aspect of quality. The quality of switch can make or break not just the circuit but your daily life.

All our products are made using high-quality fire-retardant virgin polycarbonate with pure copper contactors that ensure switches have a long life and are safe to operate. An anatomy of Artisa and Artisa Flat switches will also reveal the finger-proof terminals (IP 20) that ensure shock-resistance and enhanced safety. Speaking of safety, that is something you cannot compromise with toddlers in your home. Hence, Artisa sockets also feature safety shutter to protect children from electric shocks.

What makes Artisa switches sensible?

Switches are not meant to be limited to being a mere circuit maker or breaker. If done right, switches can enhance the overall experience of your home and Artisa switches are a testament to that. Our Artisa and Artisa Flat range also features USB ports for fast charging. These switches minimize noise during on/off operations and even come with laser markings on mechanisms for correct orientation and installation.

What makes Artisa switches a perfect buy?

Well, if you are in the market looking for some high-quality premium switches that can enhance the overall aura of your homes, Artisa and Artisa Flat range of switches are the perfect match for you. With their aesthetic value, safety highlights, and versatile, Artisa and Artisa Flat switches are truly value for money.

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