Posted on February 2023, By Wipro

Switches have come a long way in the last couple of decades. Now, they no longer just serve the purpose of making or breaking circuits. If laid emphasis upon, switches can do wonders on the front of home décor.

Wipro North-West presents “Nowa”; our range of smart switches that complement the setting of your home. We at Wipro North-West put our heart out in all our creations. Nowa is one such offering that ensures superior safety for you and your family.

The Nowa range offers a wide variety of products to suit all the circuit needs of your home. Switches, Sockets, Cover Plates, Fan Regulators and Dimmers, Communication Modules, and Support Modules are some of the offerings of the exclusive Nowa range.

What makes Nowa switches a perfect buy?

Many factors distinguish Nowa switches from competing products. The Nowa collection is a result of meticulous on-ground research that helped us examine all the common yet important requirements of an Indian home and translate them into distinguishing features. While sleek design, high finish, and affordability are some of the most prominent qualities of Nowa switches, here are a couple other factors that make Nowa the ultimate switch range:

  • All the Nowa switches are made of high-impact resistant thermoplastic material that makes up for a smart looking gloss and surface finish.
  • Nowa range of sockets are offered with a vertical moving shutter that helps minimize pressure and adds an extra layer of safety around toddlers.
  • The Nowa range also offers fan regulators that provide 360-degree hum free rotation.
  • On the inside, the Nowa plates get a cube grid structure that ensures durability and provides a longer life to the switchboard.
  • Speaking of ease of installation, the Nowa sockets also get captive housing for the screws in order to prevent them from falling off.
  • Loose switches are not only a headache to deal with but also pose a serious safety threat. Hence, the Nowa range of switches are offered with positive locks that ensure a firm grip for longer periods.
  • All the Nowa switches get shrouded terminals for finger proofing.
  • Nowa plates offer one of the slimmest design aesthetics with projection of only 6.2 mm presenting a sleek finish for your wall.

Why should you buy Nowa switches?

Currently, the Indian market is flooded with numerous switch options, and we as customers, often end up deciding based on the cost factor. However, if chosen after analyzing all the pros and cons, a switch can enhance the visual appeal of any room to a great extent. Moreover, the safety aspect shall also not be ignored while choosing a switch. We at Wipro North-West understand the consumer and their needs. Hence, our creation Nowa range is not only innovative but also provides you with superior protection against all hazards.

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