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5 Inexpensive makeovers for your home

Posted on June 2021, By Wipro

Let's dress up your floor! -  Adding a carpet along with your furniture is one of the easiest ways to jazz up the place. Carpets not only make the room feel complete but also adds a bit of personality. Besides, who doesn't love something soft and warm under their feet!

Mirror Mirror on the wall -  It doesn't matter where you put it; mirrors are an easy way to make any room look brighter. The reflective properties of the mirror also create an illusion to make the room seem much bigger than it is. Replace wall paintings with mirrors and get a much brighter and spacious looking room in return.

Become a mood master - Dimmer switches are a simple way to class up any room. Attach a dimmer switch to any switchboard and take control of the lights. By increasing and decreasing the brightness of the morning, you can create multiple moods in the same room.

It's the DIY time! - Lamps have always been a popular choice while decorating any room. But don't go and buy yourself an actual lamp, instead create one at home. You can use old glass bottles to paper Mache to absolutely anything to create your personalized lamps.

Bring your walls to life - If you're not too keen on getting your walls painted or it's turning out to be expensive, then you can try other alternatives such as patterned wallpaper, wall stencils, or wall decals to make your boring walls a bit more lively. These cheaper alternatives are not only easy to use and assemble but also quite readily available.

Now that we have shown you various inexpensive makeovers for your home, it's your turn to take up these challenges and create a home that defines you best.

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