Convex Switches - Perfect Blend of Classic design and modern technology

Posted on February 2023, By Wipro

The perfect blend of classic design with modern technology, Convex Switches are built to provide superior protection for your homes. Switches are a vital component of every home. However, this aspect is frequently neglected and overlooked. Purchasing switches for the home frequently boils down to the cheapest alternative. While all switches appear to be nearly identical from the outside, there is a lot to consider beneath the surface. The materials chosen for the switch's body and metal contacts have a significant impact on the switch's performance and durability.

Convex switches are one such innovation from Wipro North-West that offer the optimum blend of performance and usability. Convex switches have a wide variety of products to suit different switch needs for different types of homes.

Why should you choose convex switches for your home?

There are many factors that make convex switches better than the other options available in the market. With a classy design, and an elegant and modern look, Convex Switches only bring the best to the table. Here are a couple of reasons why you should choose convex switches for your homes:

  1. All the Convex switches are made of high-impact resistant thermoplastic material that makes up for a smart looking gloss and surface finish.
  2. Our range of convex sockets get elliptical spring-loaded contacts that grip plug pins tightly and always ensure a uniform and firm contact.
  3. All the current carrying parts of a convex switch are housed in a fire-retardant poly-carbonate shell to ensure smooth, shock-free operations which are tested up to 850 degrees Celsius in glow wire testing.
  4. Convex switches also offer superior electrical insulation as all the parts in contact with live metals are housed in thermoplastic materials.
  5. Convex switches get Silver Cadmium Oxide coated heavy metal contacts, that always ensure better conductivity and offers superior durability and longevity.
  6. Have you ever experienced loose switches? If yes, then you must be aware of how using such loose switches can become frustrating. Thankfully, our range of Convex switches get screw mounted onto the backplate to ensure robust and long-lasting fitment.
  7. Finally, the elegant collar design of convex switches can up the ante for your walls and give any room a classic, minimalist look.


Convex switches are the right match for you if you are seeking high-quality premium switches that can improve the overall ambiance of your home and make your life a little less stressful.

Our Convex switches are the embodiment of modern technology and classic designs, with their aesthetic value, safety highlights.

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