Must-Have Electric Accessories for Every Household 

Must-Have Electric Accessories for Every Household 

Posted on May 2024, By Wipro

From improving convenience to increasing energy efficiency, these accessories play a crucial role in enhancing our daily lives. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home with smart technology or seeking practical solutions for everyday tasks, incorporating the right electric accessories for home can transform your household into a more efficient and enjoyable living space. In this blog post, we will explore some must-have electric accessories for every household and provide insights and recommendations to help you optimize your choices.

  1. Smart Home Automation: With the advancements in technology, creating a more connected and automated home has become easier than ever. Smart accessories such as smart plugs, smart lights, and smart thermostats allow you to control and monitor your devices and appliances remotely through your smartphone or voice commands. Brands like Wipro North-West offer a wide range of smart home solutions that can increase convenience and save energy.
  2. Surge Protectors: Protecting your valuable electronic devices from power surges is crucial. Investing in surge protectors can safeguard your gadgets by diverting excess voltage and preventing damage caused by power fluctuations. Look for surge protectors with multiple outlets and features like USB ports to ensure all your devices are protected.
  3. Power Strips: As our reliance on electronics grows, the number of devices we need to plug in also increases. Investing in a high-quality power strip with surge protection and ample outlets can help you keep your devices organized and prevent overloading of electrical sockets. Look for power strips with individual switches to easily turn off devices when they are not in use and save on energy consumption.
  4. Energy-Efficient Lighting: Switching to energy-efficient lighting options such as LED bulbs can significantly reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint. LED bulbs consume less energy, last longer, and produce less heat compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Consider investing in smart LED bulbs that allow you to control the brightness, color, and even set schedules to suit your needs.
  5. Extension Cords: Extension cords come in handy when you need to power devices that are located far away from electrical outlets. Choose extension cords that are safe, durable, and have the appropriate length for your requirements. Pay attention to the cord's gauge to ensure it can handle the power load without overheating.

Incorporating these must-have electric accessories for home can bring numerous benefits, from saving energy and money to increasing convenience and safety. However, proper installation and maintenance are crucial for optimal performance and safety. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and seek professional assistance if needed.

Wipro North-West is a trusted brand that offers a wide range of electric accessories for home. Their products are known for their quality, durability, and innovation. Consider exploring their offerings to find the right electric accessories for your household needs.


Electric accessories for home are essential additions to every household that can enhance everyday life and bring numerous benefits. You can create a more efficient and enjoyable living space by investing in smart home automation, surge protectors, power strips, energy-efficient lighting, and extension cords. Remember to choose reputable brands like Wipro North-West to ensure the quality and reliability of your electric accessories. Transform your household today and experience the convenience and efficiency that these must-have accessories bring.

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