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Wipro U-Control

Smart home kit

Turn your ordinary home into a smart home with Wipro U-control. The U-control smart home kit allows you take to control of any home appliances via your smartphone. It’s time to take control of your home with just a touch.

Key Elements


The central hub that keeps you connected to your appliances

6AMP Smart Plug

Connects with low powered plug-in devices I.e - Mobile chargers, Lamp, Water pump, Electric rice cooker, etc

16AMP Smart Plug

Connects with high powered plug-in devices i.e - Air conditioner, Room heater, Water heater, etc

Key Features

U-control is designed to provide smart solutions for smart people

Upto 5 users can simultaneously control appliances
Set daily on/off schedule
View power status of the appliance
View activity/usage status of appliance


Check out the multiple appliances that Wipro U-Control can connect to.

Motor pumps
Lamp & Lighting
Room Heater



How’s the installation carried out?

The smart plugs and hub can be installed by following the instructions on the packaging and on the U-control app.


How many devices (Plugs) can beoperated with one hub?

One hub can operate up to 50 U-Control devices.


Do I need WiFi at home?

You will require wifi at home for the WiFi smart home hub.


How much does the app cost?

The app is available for free.


What mobile operating system does the app support?

iOS and Android are fully supported. We do not have a windows phone app available.


How is the firmware updated in the hub?

The software that runs your devices can be updated remotely. This means, for some features, you may not need to buy a new device and can upgrade your existing devices for no extra charge.


Will relocating to a new home affect my existing set up?

If it is the same set up, it can be unplugged from old home and plugged into the new home with ease.


How many family members can operate the system simultaneously?

Only six users can operate the app simultaneously. More users can be added for a fee.


What is a Smart Hub?

The hub is a little box that sits in the corner and provides internet connectivity to all the leaves. In a normal house only one hub is needed. It has range of 150ft in an open area and about 50ft with walls and other obstructions. It should always remain powered-on & preferably connected to wall socket with inverter back-up.


Warranty policy?

Warranty policy: We provide a one and half year warranty for manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. We will provide a replacement in case of any defects. Replacement products may be new or refurbished at our discretion. This warranty does not apply to: (i) cosmetic damage, such as scratches, nicks, stains, cracks and dents; (ii) damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, water, flood, fire, or any other acts of nature or external causes; (iii) damage caused by service performed by unauthorized service provider of U-Control.

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